Westport Christian Church

A Place Where Jesus Is Impacting Lives

Who We Are...


Welcome to the Port!  Thank you for stopping by our website.  Whether you have been in church since you were a child or if this is your first time we want you to know that you are welcome here.  


We are a friendly place to worship Jesus, our sermons are biblical, our music is a blend of traditional hymns and some more contemporary praise songs.  Our dress code is this: Dress comfortably (socks are optional).  We are more interested in your presence then how you dress. 


We are a "Family" church.  That means instead of our children being sent to children's church or the nursery we stay together and worship as a family.  For children 6th grade and younger we offer activity bags for the worship hour, and we encourage kids to be kids.  They will wiggle and giggle, make noise and maybe even say something at the wrong time, but that is ok.  We know that children learn best when they watch us engage in our faith.  When we invite them into an authentic worship experience they quickly learn when to sing, when to sit, when to be quiet, and even when to say Amen.  So don't be nervous or embarrassed, we love having your whole family with us.  


If you or your child do need some space, we offer our Family Life Center where we lifestream everything.  This allows more space and fewer people, so kids can wiggle a bit more.


If you are searching for a place to worship God, we know we are the place for you.  Feel free to check out our website, learn about us, watch our videos, or even contact us to ask questions. 


If you have never been to our church before, come by this Sunday! We would love to get to know you.  We want to see lives changed by the power of Jesus Christ, and we see that happen every week when someone steps through our doors.  
We look forward to meeting you! God Bless.